Vials for Marijuana Packaging

Vials for Marijuana Packaging

High Quality Vials with Child-Resistant Closure

Green First Packaging offers a range of high-quality vials designed specifically for the needs of the cannabis industry. These vials ensure optimal storage of cannabis products and preserve their freshness and potency over time by providing a balance of moisture and air circulation, protecting the terpenes and cannabinoids. The transparent vials allow customers to check the quality of the products.

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Safe and Compliant

At Green First Packaging, we place the utmost priority on safety and compliance. Our vials with child-resistant closures are thoughtfully designed to meet the rigorous standards of the U.S. and Canadian cannabis markets, our compliant vials not only ensure adherence to regulations but also elevate your company and brand in a highly competitive marketplace.

Ready to Deliver

Our vials are in stock and ready to ship. Produced in the USA by Centor, a renowned manufacturer of prescription packaging. These eco-friendly vials are crafted with environmentally conscious materials. Their exceptional resilience and lightweight design contribute to significant reductions in transportation costs. The lower melting point of the plastic, as compared to glass, translates to lower energy consumption during manufacturing, making them an incredibly cost-effective choice. 

Premium Features of our Vials

Regulatory Compliant

Exceeds Standard


Cost-Effective Packaging

USA Made

Same Day Shipping

Preserve Potency

Prescription Quality