Bottles for Marijuana Packaging

Bottles for Marijuana Packaging

High Quality Bottles with Child-Resistant Closure

Cannabis flower packaging is a crucial aspect of preserving the quality and effectiveness of your buds, and Green First Packaging understands this well. Our bottles with closures are specifically designed to keep top-shelf marijuana strains fresh and reduce the risk of fungal growth. These clear bottles, along with their dual-purpose closures, ensure airtight sealing, protecting the marijuana from oxygen and moisture.

All Bottles for Marijuana Packaging

Safe and Compliant

The bottles for marijuana packaging are equipped with child-resistant caps to prevent accidental consumption. Regulatory and legal compliance is ensured, making these bottles a responsible choice. Rest assured, our certified bottles have been meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous standards of the U.S. and Canadian cannabis markets. 

Ready to Deliver

Our bottles are ready to be shipped! Made in the USA by Centor, a leading manufacturer of prescription packaging using premium environmentally conscious materials. Their exceptional resilience and lighter weight not only make them easier to handle during packaging but also contribute to reducing transportation costs. Additionally, the lower melting point of plastic compared to glass translates to less energy consumption during manufacturing, making it a highly cost-effective choice. 

Premium Features of our Bottles

Regulatory Compliant

Exceed Standards



USA Made

Same Day Shipping

Preserve Potency 

Prescription Quality